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Practical Highway Design Solutions
Hugh W. Mcgee, Sr. Vanasse Hangen Brustlin, in orporated Vienna, Virginia 2013   PHI Publishers
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Mini Review on Designing of Press Tools For Sheet Metal Parts
Kailash Kumar Lahadotiya, Abhay Dinkar Kakirde, Asutosh Kumar Pandey  
Journal of Environmental Science , Computer Science and Engineering & Technology, Vol. 2, No. 3 (2013), pp. 650-660 Journal
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A Textbook of Engineering Graphics
Roop Lal, Rama Kant Rana  ©  2012   ACME Learning Private Limited
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Design and Management of Historic Roads
Mary E. Mccahon  Larry Sutherland  Steven Shaup  Transystems, in .  Fort Lauderdale, Fl  2012   PHI Publishers
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Best Practices in Quality Control and Assurance in Design
Hossein Ghara, P.E. Kelley C. Rehm, P.E. Nancy Boyd Tim Swanson Carmen Swanwick 2011   PHI Publishers
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Terramechanics and off-Road Vehicle Engineering, Terrain Behavior, Vehicle Design and Performance, 2Nd Edition
J.Y. Wong  ©  2010   Elsevier
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The State of the Science in Universal Design: Emerging Research and Developments
Jordana L. Maisel  ©  2010   Bentham Science Publishers
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Sag Vertical Curve Design Criteria For Headlight Sight Distance
Ronald B. Gibbons   Alejandra Medina  Brian Williams  Jianhe Du  Hesham Rakha  2010   PHI Publishers
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Up and Running With Autodesk in entor Simulation 2010, A Step By Step Guide To Engineering Design Solutions
Wasim Younis  ©  2009   Elsevier
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Vehicle Handling Dynamics, the ry and Application
M. Abe and W. Manning  ©  2009   Elsevier